Here is my story, Part 1 Chapter 1.


The school bell rung to let students know that school is over.

"Hey Toadette. Want to hang out at my house with Hermoine, Seddia, and Cordelia??" Jeff asks.

"Can't. I have a stinky orthodontist appointment." Toadette replies

"Aw. See you tomarrow then."



"I want to get the mail today!" Jeff yelled.

"You got it yesterday. I get it today!" Hermoine yelled back.

"No you got it yesterday."


Jeff and Hermoine starts to run to the mail box when they relize that Seddia just got the mail for them.

"Seddia! Why did you get our mail?" Jeff yelled.

"Ignore Jeff. Lets go to my room." Hermoine said.

"Sure. Anyway, here is your mail. Where is Cordelia?" Seddia said.

"Coming with Amy and Lizzy."

"Why does Amy have to come everywhere? She always says random BTR quotes at the wierdest time. Cool Lizzy is coming!"

"Hey guys." Cordelia says.

"Hey Cordelia, Lizzy, and Amy." Hermione replies.

"Do you believe in ghosts? I do. BTR is awesome!" Amy says.

"Amy, what did I say about the BTR quotes?" Lizzy says to Amy.

"No BTR quotes."

"Come in before Jeff starts watching How I Met Your Mother ." Hermione says.

"Ya. Lets watch iCarly or BTR." Amy says.

"NO BTR" everyone yells.

"Hey look what I found in the mail!" Jeff yells. "An invitation to Toadette's 15 birthday party. To: Jeff, Hermione, Rue, Lizzy, Cordelia, Joni-Ann, Amy, Emily, Carlaay, Seddia, Mikilana, Jennifer, Aron, Isabel, Bob, Amanda, Effie, and others are invited! Cool."

Authors Note

Above, in Jeff's last line it says others. Any other people who join will be added. Some of you that signed up weren't in this part. You will be in this chapter some time soon. Any character requests can be made in comments, please put your characters name, age, and gender. Subscribe here: Thanks for reading!

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