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I made some paper fortune tellers. Ill tell you yours. It will be in parts. The choices are Fortune Teller 1 or 2, items are: Mushroom Toad Boo or Yoshi. #s are 1-15 odds. Example

1: fortune teller 1 item: Mushroom Me: choose from these #s: 1,3,9,11 1:1 Me:Choose from 5,7,13,15 1: 15 Me:you will win the lottery.

So basically you choose the fortune teller and item first then i tell you 4 numbers that yoi choose from you choose 1 of those then i tell you four more. Then you choose a number out of those 4 and i will tell you the fortune. Tell me if you dont get it. :)

Toadette "He didn't say I couldn't sing"-Cat, "Victorious" Talk to me! 15:00, April 18, 2012 (UTC)

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