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My Auto Biography

Name- Not Telling(sorry)

Age-not telling

Birthday- October 8

Eye Color- Brown, Hazel(changes)

Hair Color- Dirty blonde, blonde, brown, golden(it changes depending on the time)

State- Conneticut


Favorite Colors- Pink, yellow and light blue

Favorite Food- PIZZA

Sports- Soccer, Basketball, Tennis

Extracuricular Activities- Yearbook club

Favorite School Subject- BAND(i play the trumpet)

Least Favorite School Subject- Spanish(because of my teacher)

Grades- A's B's

Music- Trumpet( i play it)

One Interesting Fact- I am AWESOME

Another Interesting fact- I forget my HW often

Most Embarrasing moment none

Favorite TV Shows- iCarly

Favorite Movie- Mr. Popper's Penguins

Personality- Friendly

School Life- Hmmmm

Things I hate- HW

Things I like- MARIOKART WII

Favourite Youtubers- N/A

My Username- Toadetterocks, Charluwe(on other sites)

My favorite people on this Wikia-

Holy Chiz


Alot of others

Toadette I am Team Toadette. We do not give up till we WIN! Talk to me 21:32, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

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