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This whole Sophie thing in my POV

Well I berly knew her. I joined when she was away with "personal issues"(I put it in quotes because she made it seem like she was getting surgery or something) When I found out that she had "Heart Problems" I was immediatly concerned. Heart Problems are serious. Now that I know that that was a lie, I feel betrayed. She is 17 YEARS OLD. She should know better than to lie. I started to suspect something was wrong when on Oct.1 she said that she was going to get surgery,and that w=she would be away for awhile, and on Oct.2 she was BACK. Then later she said all this drama was not good and that she was going to take a break for a month. Well guess what? I saw her in chat the next day. What a short month break! After I learned the truth I felt betrayed. I was shocked that she would lie. I trusted her. I felt that we were friends, even though I BARLY knew her. It was like I had a special connection with her. Now I don't feel that we are friends any more because of this, even though I 99.9% forgive her. That 0.1% not forgive is because she knew better than to lie about a serious condition(If I am repeating things sorry.) I(I am younger than her) know better than to lie about a serious condition. I am glad that her admin/b-crat rights were takin away, and that she is blocked. She doesn't really deserve them after this. She could have gone around banning innocent people. If I think of any thing else I will post it. Thanks for reading,

Toadette I am Team Toadette. Have a good holiday!!! Talk to me 19:28, January 7, 2012 (UTC)(yes I will change my sig soon!)

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