So this game will work like NerdyNoName's Survivor blog,

Toadette I am Team Toadette. Have a good holiday!!! Talk to me 21:32, December 1, 2011 (UTC)

Remember, just like Nerdy's blog, ANYONE could be the first one out. HAve Fun!


See here for the poll:

Sorry Holy Chiz you are out(Round 1)

Sorry NeneG and Seddie082997 you are out(round 2)

Welcome Samlovesham!!(because of the tie round in round 2)

Sorry Seddie1196 you are out(round 3)

Sorry Owlfrost1 you are out(round 4)

Sorry Churchpants and Ire flowa222 you are out(round 5)

Welcome Bori Freak!!!!!!!!!!(because of tie in round 5)

Sorry Hjpforeverlastingx8 you are out(round 6)

Sorry Tash1 you are out(round 7)


  1. Seddie1196(out)
  2. HjpForeverlastingx8(out)
  3. NerdyNoName
  4. Candycoateddoom
  5. DryYoshi
  6. Nyancat5
  7. Churchpants(out)
  8. SpencerFanGirl123
  9. SunriseDaisy
  10. Jon23812
  11. EpicFork
  12. Tash1(out)
  13. Booklover101
  14. Ant 157349
  15. Seddie082997 (out)
  16. Holy Chiz (out)
  17. NeneG (out)
  18. DragonManiac86
  19. Ire flowa22(out)
  20. CreddieCupcake
  21. Omgitisme
  22. DenaliLover
  23. Kittygirl7878
  24. EpicnezzEmily
  25. TaraBridgette
  26. Owlfost1(out)
  27. Samlovesham
  28. Bori Freak

Eleminated Users:

  1. Holy Chiz
  2. Seddie082997
  3. NeneG
  4. Seddie1196
  5. Owlfrost1
  6. Ire flowa22
  7. Churchpants
  8. Tash1

Waiting List(for if there was a tie)

  1. MagicalMango

Poll Results:

  1. Holy Chiz:7 NeneG:4 Dragonmaniac86:2 Owlfrost1:1
  2. NeneG:5 Seddie082997:5 EpicnezzEmily:2 Hjpforeverlastingx8:1
  3. Seddie1196:3 Hjpforeverlastingx8:1 Churchpants:2
  4. Owlfrost1:3 DenaliLover:1 Tash1:1
  5. Ire fowa22:1 Churchpants:1
  6. HjpForeverlastingx8:7 Jon23812:1 Kittygirl7878:1
  7. Tash1:2 Dragonmaniac86:1 EpicnezzEmily:1 Bori Freak:1

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