I just had one question to ask everyone just for fun. When did u start liking the couple you ship?

This is my personal story:

To be honest I was a Creddie fan once upon a time. Actually I was a Creddie fan for a long time. I became uninterested after ISYL. I started to notice how boring Creddie was becoming. I also noticed that Freddie seemed to be over Carly. I thought that maybe ISYL would be exciting but it became mushy and "typical". It was like any other couple u see on tv shows made for kids. Seddie is different. It isn't just one big event that makes Seddie happen. It is all these little events that bring it together. It's just beautiful watching the events and clues. That's why I ship Seddie.

So what couple do u ship and why? I am just a bit curious to figure out.

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