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    August 11, 2012 by Tomstertimes

    Hey It's Tomstertimes

    It seems that a slight level of immaturity is my issue and because of this I have been banned from the main chat for one week. At first this was my reaction:

    Then I started to realise that it was this exact immaturity that got me banned in the first place.

    Then it also occured to me that there is a reason why "funny" and "online chat room" normally don't appear in the same sentence together, unless it refers to someone telling a joke thats about as dry and witty as sandpaper. Maybe all of this sarcasm is bad for me but whatever, I suppose that is how my mind chooses to work. I was annoyed to be falsely accused as a troll by several users on the wiki after my immaturity who then decide to become trolls themselves because …

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