Hey It's Tomstertimes

It seems that a slight level of immaturity is my issue and because of this I have been banned from the main chat for one week. At first this was my reaction:


My initial thoughts on my 1 week ban!

Then I started to realise that it was this exact immaturity that got me banned in the first place.

Then it also occured to me that there is a reason why "funny" and "online chat room" normally don't appear in the same sentence together, unless it refers to someone telling a joke thats about as dry and witty as sandpaper. Maybe all of this sarcasm is bad for me but whatever, I suppose that is how my mind chooses to work. I was annoyed to be falsely accused as a troll by several users on the wiki after my immaturity who then decide to become trolls themselves because they are so paranoid about there being real trolls on the wiki. Maybe that's an issue on all online communities. It probably is, after all, it's not like other users who are contacting me 3000 miles away in the USA (im in the UK) can see me directly and know my personality inside out.

After all, I acted slightly immature on the wiki chat because I was bored (I'll admit that) but to be honest, If we all weren't all bored with not much to do then I doubt the chat would be as busy as it is. Thats the truth.

Anyways maybe leaving that thought for you will just make you feel like the "WTF MONKEY", it probably will.


Patrick: "Spongebob, the inner workings of my mind are an enigma"

-Blank Room-

-Milk Spills On Table-

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