aka Victoria

  • I live in Virginia
  • I was born on July 3
  • My occupation is Nostalgic loner
  • I am girl
  • Torirox8

    Hey Guys! I know not many of you guys will read this, but what eva I do what I want ( If you guys get that reference we shoulds be friends). I'm writing this to share my woes of being on a ship that isn't as widely supported as others. If you are on any iCarly related site and you are not a seddier you have to be prepared to lose any debate or poll or award ceromony. I love all my fellow iCarly people I'm just speaking the truth. Creddie, which I ship is a popular ship,but it has significantly less people following it, at least on the interwebs. We have less people on our side and Dan Schneider may or may not ship Seddie, it's discouraging. I know it's hard out there to be a non- Seddier but keep going it gets better. I love iCarly, but I …

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