So I was just now going through some old DanWarp photos on twitpic and noticed one that was put up on March 10th, 2009.
It contains an script of an episode with the title starting with "iDate"; followed by 2 words that are a little blurry to make out. (Although if I were to guess, it might say "iDate Hot Guys" or "iDate Two Guys". (I would also like to note that since this is in an actual printed script, and the date it was posted up, it was probably an episode supposedly dated to air around the beginning of season three, if it had not been scrapped.)

The photo can be found here:

The script entails Sam urging Carly to "find some super-hot dude like a pants model or somethin'." with Carly arguing that she wasn't desperate. There also some action words about Sam picking dried cheese off her hand. Freddie then mentions a boy named David Shay, who Carly did not want to date because he had the same last name as her and would create a weird conflict if they were ever to get married. BUT THEN, Freddie brings up a man named Leonard Benson, who Marrisa married previously.

Could this mysterious Leonard Benson be Freddie's dad? Gibby goes on next to ask what happened to Freddie's father, but it ends there. A penny for your thoughts? Did anyone else notice this or bring it up before?

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