So I came back after iLMM briefly because y'all know I love me some good internet drama. But when I went to the iLost My Mind and Seddie pages they were evidently hacked with a layout change in which the phrase "Miranda Cosgrove died of complications" was in big bold red text.

Not only that, but on the home page you guys recently caught a pedophile who had apparently been doing some pedo-bear acts? Plus you guys are even going so far as to organize a resistance against trolls...

Guys. I say this because I grew up a true nerd in a world of fandom, internet drama, and trolling. Y'all need to get some decent administration and moderators up in here (and from all different timezones, too; being active on this site-- visiting at least once a day or two) to be able to keep the peace.

And putting some action against trolls ain't that bad. Honestly, if you're stupid enough to fall for a troll's tricks, you don't belong on a public forum such as wikia. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and antagonizing someone or being annoying shouldn't be "against the rules". It's when people start to get insulting, flaming people, and spamming where you need to enforce some rules.

Learn the system and figure out how to Perm Ban and IP Ban people that repetitively break rules. I notice you guys are strict on some things but you can be pretty lenient for some things as well.

Trolling can be fun, sure. But know the line between trolling and insulting.

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