• Travisplatypus

    iGet Hypnotized

    October 8, 2012 by Travisplatypus

    iGet Hypnotized is a fanon episode by travisplatypus.

    Dr. Fergman, an art doctor, comes to the Shay apartment to take a look at Spencer's art but once he sees a painting of someone getting hypnotized, he decides to try and hypnotize everyone and take over the world! The only person he can't seem to hypnotize to Freddie. Can Freddie save all his friends before it's too late?

    Freddie was recording. Everything was normal. "I'm Carly!" said Carly. "Sam-I-Am! Now give me ham!" said Sam. "And we're going to show you how to treat rat bites!" said Carly. "Hey, Babio! Wait, where's Baby Spencer?" said Sam. There was a note on the bed. "Dear Torturers, there's a doctor coming over to look at my art. Bye," said Carly. Then the rat seller came. "The rat sel…

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  • Travisplatypus


    October 7, 2012 by Travisplatypus

    Hey! I'm travisplatypus! I'm a pretty inactive user here and I'm hardly updated with iCarly at all but I laugh at the iCarly segments on I wonder what will come of the website after the show has ended. Anyways, I just want to say I'll be rejoining the wiki for alittle while until when iGoodbye airs which is the series finale of iCarly. I hate to think of this great wiki becoming inactive and closing down, both which I don't know will actually happen but you know just a guess!

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