(before I make this blog I will like to properly introduce myself to you for those who don't know me. My name is Bethany, I'm 13 years old and I'm a seddie shipper aka a seddier:)

My seddie heart is  ever since the airing of ILove you. Now even though it's Unkown to weather or not they actually broke up I still have a feeling they did . Now I find it appalling who one minute Sam and Freddie are all lovey dovey and the next minute there breaking up in elevators.Now I know there are a lot of Creddie shippers on this site and I know they are probally secretly happy that seddie is over. Well I have something to say to you Creddie shippers:

Dear Creddiers,

I respect that you ship Creddie, but I honestly think Creddie isn't ever goning to happen. Do you honestly think the icarly writers are going to turn Freddie into some kind of player and make him date his ex's bestfriend let alone have Carly be stupid enough to actually go for him? Carly would be majorly breaking Girl Code. Even though it is still un decided and debatable weather or not Freddie actually loved Carly (which I think is false) we do KNOW FOR A FACT the he DOES love Sam. He even said so himself. Creddiers I honestly think the Creddie ship has long sailed by now. So all I'm saying is you creddiers don't get your hopes up because seddie could get back together any day now. I'm NOT ship warning I'm just stating my honest opinion.

Sincerely, Me xoxo

Now I want all of your opinions on this NOT just the creddiers.

Ps this is my first blog 

PSS If any of you have tumblr follow me this is mine! :-)

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