Note: I apologize in advance for this rant. I do not mean to hurt or offend anyone. I'm just in a bad mood, but I will still try to be respectfull. And you should do the same, please. this was not aimed at anybody in particular, and I'm not trying to start a war. Just hear me out.

First of all, people irritate me. I get ticked off easily, and after surfing this wiki I wanted to punch someone (sorry). *Some* people can be so inconsiderate sometimes. Which leads me to my first point.

1. It's the internet. You have just words to go by. You can't see the face of someone (their emotions) and you can't hear their tone of voice. So please, unless it's super obvious, try to read each comment as positively as you can.

2. Think, people. So who cares if the blog has been done a million times. Nobody's forcing you to read it! And *most people* don't write blogs just to anger you! Just chill!

3. Users start arguments. It's simple. You have the civilized people, who have respectful debates. Then you have the cavemen, who bash each other and refuse to hear each other out. And, sometimes, I fell like certain comments are TRYING to start an argument. They state their opinions as a fact, or they use hateful words and lots of !!!!!! It's ridiculous.

4. SELF CONTROL. That's one that you don't see people adress often. Recently I read a comment and felt like they HAD to have the last word, or they just REFUSE to be wrong. Face it, you're not perfect. You're not always right. Stop acting like it.

Again, I'm sorry if this offended you. I just want to know if there's anyone out there who agrees. If you don't agree, at least tell me why. Please. And I tried to be as respectful as my rant could. If you wouldn't mind, just leave me a comment. I would love it. And let me know if I was too harsh. I tend to express myself more on the web.

- TryToMessWithThis

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