My name is tvfan130672! This is my first blog. I really don't ship anyone on icarly, but I do think seddie is cute. Everyone is hoping Sam and Freddie will get back together. People are thinking, but they aren't thinking reasonable (no offence, I do like the fanfictions.) So, thinking logically Sam and Freddie will get back together! 1. iCarly is a teen sitcom. Teen sitcoms have crushes, dates, and relationships. 2. It's not like Sam and Freddie won't date anyone in this season. 3.One of them will probably go on a date and the other gets jealous. 4. If one of them gets jealous they will confess they still have feelings for each other, and they will get back together. But, everyone be patient, cause this probably won't happen in the next few episodes!

And besides, in iLove you they confessed they LOVE each other. Why would someone say they love each other and it not meaning anything! Also, they were each other's first kiss. And, in iQ they acted awkward around each other......

And in iQ when Sam saw Kyle break up with Carly it was like her mind was flooding back with memories. I have a theory that Sam wanted Carly to have a boyfriend, because she might think Freddie still has feelings for her.

So, I don't think it's over. Even if they don't get back together we should be thanking Dan for giving the Seddiers the oppurtunity for them to date. He probably just wanted to get back to the comedic point. Be grateful, the Creddie story line only lasted for half an episode!

One more thing; Rembember how Nora wanted Freddie to give her a kiss in exchange for food? Well what if the iCarly's need something, and Freddie has to kiss her, but Sam gets jealous and they get back together. Who wouldn't want to see a jealous Sam? It's just a theroy.

Hope you enjoy my first blog and comment below.

--Tvfan130672 00:08, October 26, 2011 (UTC)Tvfan130672--Tvfan130672 00:08, October 26, 2011 (UTC)

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