• Ultimate Firebender

    Hey! It's my first blog post. So, I wanna tell you something - I'm from Poland. So I can do many mistakes in this blog post. Let's start!

    First news: In Poland, season 4 was premiered February 26, 2011. At this time we have only two episodes in Poland - iStart a Fanwar (which premiered May 21, 2011), iGot a Hot Room (which obviously premiered February 26, 2011).

    BUT. iDate Sam & Freddie will air on Monday (September 12). It's weird. REALLY weird. Because iOMG and iLost My Mind will air in October... So.. in Poland we'll have iDate Sam & Freddie two days after USA.

    Third part of Seddie arc -> First part of Seddie arc -> Second part of Seddie Arc. Why Poland, why? :/

    Second news: iParty with Victorious will air in October too.

    Third news: There …

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