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Rated PG for Mild Sexual Content and Mild Violence

Chapter 1

(Carly wakes up, sees Sam and Freddie kissing)

Carly: "Sam!" "Freddie!" "What are you doing!"

Sam: "Making out with Freddie"

Carly: "STOP!" "We have to rehearse for iCarly!"

Sam: "Ok."

(in the iCarly Studio, rehearsing)

Carly: I'm Carly

Sam: And I'm Sam

Both: And this is iCarly!

Sam: Tonight we are going to see how many balloons can we pop in 1 minute!

Carly: I wanna know!

Sam: 1!

Sam: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!

Carly: Come on pop a eigth one! 35 seconds!

Sam: 8, 9, 10!

Carly: 15 seconds!

Sam: How much

Carly: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Carly: Sam can pop 10 balloons in 1 minute

Sam: Yuh-huh!

Carly: Now me!

Carly: Popped 1

Carly: 2, 3!

Sam: 50 seconds

Carly: 4, 5, 6!

Sam: 35

Carly: 7, 8!

Sam: 20

Carly: 9!

Sam: 10

Carly: 10, 11

Sam: 5

Carly: 12!

Sam: DONE!

Carly: I can pop twelve in 1 minute!

Chapter 2

(Still in the iCarly studio)

Sam: I am so bored

Sam's Cook: Apples?

Carly: Nah. We're too bored.

Sam, Carly and Freddie: (get apples)

Carly: What should we do

Sam: I am totally bored

Carly: Let's plan next week's show.

Sam: Tomorrow

Carly: (Watches a video on the monitor) Sam! Freddie! You gotta see------

Carly: Sam and Freddie. Cut out with the kissing!

Freddie: But!

Carly: CUT IT OUT!

Sam and Freddie: OK!

Carly: Now watch this

Carly: (puts the video back on)

Sam: This is so hysterical

Freddie: (laughing)

Carly: Now promise you won't make out

Freddie: OK!

Sam: We will

Carly: Until prom next week!

Sam: OK!

Freddie: OK!

Carly: So Sam, who are you taking?

Sam: Freddie

Freddie: YAY!

Carly: You guys disgust me. Is that why we are having a big marathon of episodes of you making out and dating

Sam: Pretty much.


Carly: OMG!

Sam: What

Carly: Jackson Colt tweeted "I am asking a certain someone to do a interview for me! Will you do it? Come at 7:15. The fight is at 8

Sam: He sent you a tweet saying that

Freddie: Oh my gosh!

Carly: Promise you two won't make out

Sam: Dude, it's a MMA fight. Why would we make out?

Carly: Cuz you love each other

Sam: I can't wait!

Carly: I'll go ask Spencer!

Chapter 3

Carly: Hey Spencer!

Spencer: What!

Carly: Ew! What's on your hand

Spencer: Oil

Carly: GROSS! Can we go to a MMA fight! Jackson Colt said we could interview him!

Spencer: OK, but what time is it

Carly: The fight is at 8, but he said to come at 7:15 for the interview

Spencer: Go nuts!

Carly: Spencer said I could go!


Freddie: I can too!

Carly: How?

Freddie: My mom flew to New Jersey

Carly: For what

Freddie: I don't know!

Carly: So it's 6:00! We should get ready

Freddie: It's 6:00!

Carly: Yeah, we wanna be ready by 7, OK!

Freddie: OK!

Carly: Sam! SAM!

Sam: Yeah

Carly: What are you doing

Sam: Shoving a duck in Gibby's mouth

Gibby: (choking)

Carly: (gets the duck out of his mouth) Are you OK!

Gibby: Yeah

Carly: SAM!

Sam: What?

Carly: Why did you shove a duck in Gibby's mouth?

Sam: Cuz I felt like it

Carly: You aren't supposed to do stuff like that when you feel like it! You could've made Gibby die

Sam: Who gives a chiz about Gibby

Carly: He's nice!

Sam: But he sits on his chiz all day and takes his shirt off! Is he posing naked!

Carly: Sam, apologize to Gibby!

Sam: I'm sorry, Gibby

Gibby: Bye!

Carly: Now don't ever do that to anyone again!

Sam: Remember that Shelby Marx girl

Carly: We should get her and say she boxes to Jackson Colt!

Sam: So it's like a fighting bond

Carly: Yeah, pretty much

Sam: I like it!

Freddie: Me too. It sounds great

Carly: (calls Shelby Marx) Hello. So I need to ask you a little question. Oh my gosh, I feel so bad

Sam: What happened

Carly: Her dog died

Carly: (with Shelby Marx) So can you come to a MMA fight, cuz we are interviewing Jackson Colt and we want to tell him that you are a fighter too. It's like a bonding!

Shelby Marx: Be there at 6:45

Carly: Oh yeah, be there at 7:15 for the interview! The fight is at 8

Shelby Marx: Bye

Carly: See ya

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