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  • ValentineMorgenstern342

    I think iLost my mind becuase I'm starting to like Seddie more then Creddie (sorry!) because of all of this iOMG and iLMM. It al started after seeing the iLMM Promo for like 20 times. (Yes, I was counting) I started liking it more...


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  • ValentineMorgenstern342

    I already know the iOMG has aired and the biggest part was that Sam kissed Freddie and Many Creddie fans (like myself) are upset that this happened. And Seddie fans were like in pure happiness that Seddie might happen but I will break down both relationships


    As we know from the very start of iCarly Freddie has a crush on Carly. and after 2 seasons Creddie fans got something unexpected in iSaved your life. Carly kissed Freddie which brought a sign of Creddie happening. but at the end of the episode they broke up. But During Season 3 (or the other part of season 2) Carly doesn't get bored when Freddie talks about techy stuff. But When Creddie Fans saw the kiss between Sam and Freddie, don't worry Creddie fans we don't know if Freddie l…

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  • ValentineMorgenstern342


    (Freddie enters to Carly's bedroom)

    Freddie: "Hi Carly."

    Carly: "Hi Freddie."

    Freddie: "Where's Spencer?"

    Carly: "He's at Socko's house."

    (Sam then enters the room)

    Sam: "S'up everybody."

    Freddie: " Oh great your here."

    Sam: " I'm like always here- wait I need to get my fried chicken."

    Carly: "I don't have any fried chicken."

    Sam: "Well I gonna take whatevers in your refrigetrator"

    (Sam exits the room)

    Freddie: "I know that lazy blond has a crush on me. BTW Carly whats that song your listening too?"

    Carly: "I don't know but it's so catchty"

    Freddie: "Carly do you know anyone who can make Sam admit that she has a crush on me?"

    Carly: "Why don't you talk to one of Socko's brother-in-law."

    Freddie: "Who?"

    Carly: "Hypno."

    Freddie: "Of course."


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