(Freddie enters to Carly's bedroom)

Freddie: "Hi Carly."

Carly: "Hi Freddie."

Freddie: "Where's Spencer?"

Carly: "He's at Socko's house."

(Sam then enters the room)

Sam: "S'up everybody."

Freddie: " Oh great your here."

Sam: " I'm like always here- wait I need to get my fried chicken."

Carly: "I don't have any fried chicken."

Sam: "Well I gonna take whatevers in your refrigetrator"

   (Sam exits the room)

Freddie: "I know that lazy blond has a crush on me. BTW Carly whats that song your listening too?"

Carly: "I don't know but it's so catchty"

Freddie: "Carly do you know anyone who can make Sam admit that she has a crush on me?"

Carly: "Why don't you talk to one of Socko's brother-in-law."

Freddie: "Who?"

Carly: "Hypno."

Freddie: "Of course."

(Carly's apartment door opens)

Freddie's mom: "FREDDIE ARE YOU IN HERE?!"

Freddie: "I should go home before my mom calls the police."

Carly: Ok, btw, Sam toke your (gigles) Hello kitty cell phone."

Freddie: "SAM!!"

 (On Thursday after school)
  (Sam enters the iCarly studio)

Sam: "What's gonna on here Fredistain?"

Freddie: "Sit in the chair."

Sam " ( gets exticed a little bit) Are you gonna give me Fried chicken?"

Freddie: "Yeah."

  (Sam sits

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