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iOMG: Creddie vs. Seddie

I already know the iOMG has aired and the biggest part was that Sam kissed Freddie and Many Creddie fans (like myself) are upset that this happened. And Seddie fans were like in pure happiness that Seddie might happen but I will break down both relationships


As we know from the very start of iCarly Freddie has a crush on Carly. and after 2 seasons Creddie fans got something unexpected in iSaved your life. Carly kissed Freddie which brought a sign of Creddie happening. but at the end of the episode they broke up. But During Season 3 (or the other part of season 2) Carly doesn't get bored when Freddie talks about techy stuff. But When Creddie Fans saw the kiss between Sam and Freddie, don't worry Creddie fans we don't know if Freddie likes Sam or Freddie will admit it on the second part of iOMG. But if Seddie does happen the fans may never stop loving Creddie...

Seddie As we know from the start Sam has totured Freddie all the time. But in iKiss a MAJOR Seddie moment happened, Sam and Freddie kissed, but only to have a first kiss,but maybe some of us know that Sam might haved enjoyed it. Then in iThink they kissed, Sam at the detist while on laughing gas revealed to Carly that She and Freddie kissed. Carly was shocked and then later in the episode Sam was mad at Freddie for telling the secret but later they told Carly eveything while tyed in duck tape in chairs. But in iOMG it happened: Sam kissed Freddie but Carly saw it and in Part 2 of iOMG we will see Will Seddie happen? or Will it never come? Will shall wait and see...

Well thats it. I don't really care who ends up with who. Despite I'm a Creddie Fan. If you have anything you want to say about Seddie or Creddie, say it hear or the kiss. We shall wait and see What will happen Creddie or Seddie...

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