• Vanessa097

    IOMG part II

    May 6, 2011 by Vanessa097

    as you all know carly looks shocked for what she saw.So this is my version of IOMG part 2.hope you enjoy! though it's my first time...

    The next day at carly's apartment...carly's just sittin at the couch thinkin about sam being inlove with freddie..

    Spencer: hey kiddo! wanna come with me at the groovie smoothie seems carly did not heard spencer

    Carly: .......

    Spencer: hey kiddo!!! (Spencer yelled)

    Carly: huh? what!

    Spencer: what's wrong with you? it seems that your not hearing a word im sayin.... so tell me..... what's bothering you kiddo?

    Carly: i...i saw sam and freddie kissed! (carly shouted)

    Spencer: so why is it a big deal to you?

    Carly: it's not a big deal to me okay! i'm just shocked that sam is inlove with freddie...

    Spencer: okay-- if …

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