as you all know carly looks shocked for what she saw.So this is my version of IOMG part 2.hope you enjoy! though it's my first time...

The next day at carly's apartment...carly's just sittin at the couch thinkin about sam being inlove with freddie..

Spencer: hey kiddo! wanna come with me at the groovie smoothie seems carly did not heard spencer

Carly: .......

Spencer: hey kiddo!!! (Spencer yelled)

Carly: huh? what!

Spencer: what's wrong with you? it seems that your not hearing a word im sayin.... so tell me..... what's bothering you kiddo?

Carly: i...i saw sam and freddie kissed! (carly shouted)

Spencer: so why is it a big deal to you?

Carly: it's not a big deal to me okay! i'm just shocked that sam is inlove with freddie...

Spencer: okay-- if you say so... so you wanna come with me at the groovie smoothie?

Carly: no... i'll just stay here..

Spencer: okay bye kiddo!

Carly: bye!! but don't forget to bring me some smoothie!! okay!!

Spencer: okay!! i will!!

                    (spencer leaves the apartment)

Carly: ......

                 (someone knocks on the door... its sam)

Carly: oh hey sam

Sam: hey carls where's benson?

Carly: freddie's just in his apartment with gibby... why'd you asked about him?

Sam: nothing...

Carly: really nothing?...

Sam: what do you mean?..

Carly: you know... last night i followed freddie...

Sam: ....

Carly: and i-- i saw you two talkin and i saw you kissed--- him!

Sam: what? you saw us kissin?!

Carly: yeah! so why did you not tell me youre in---love with freddie?

Sam: 'cause im afraid of what your reaction would be... and you and freddie dated..

Carly: im still your bestfriend... and we promised eachother that we will not hide secrets from eachother right?

Sam: right..

Carly: So why don't u talk to freddie...

Sam: okay i will.

(sam leaves carly's apartment and goes straight to freddies apartment)

(sam knocks at the door)(freddie opened the door)

Freddie: sam! (shocked) what are you doing here?

Sam: gibby could you leave us two for a moment?

Gibby: sure.

Sam: freddie... abut what happed last night... i kissed you because i love you.. but i know you have always been inloved with carly.. so it's okay if you don't feel the same way...

Freddie: sam.. i'm over carly already eversince me and her broke up... so give me time to love you the way you love me okay?

Sam: okay... but mama can't wait too long.. just kiddin..

(sam and freddie laughs)(carly walks in)

Carly: You guys are so cute together!

Sam: carly you heard everything..?

Carly: yeah.... (carly laughs)

      The end +-+ hope you enjoyed! i know it's not that good.. but no that bad for a first timer right?

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