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The stupid girl who i had as girlfriend

Hazza here!

Well like u can see on the tittle, i dated a stupid gril once... like very teenager do once in a life time. Well i remember a conversation i had with her. P.S: i'm gonna change the name of the girl for security. And this was in a chat.

-Harry ¿Are you avoiding me?- she said.

-No babe, is that this week i don't have a lot of time, sorry.

-Ok, who is she?


-The new girl on your life, Who is she, Harry?

-Theres no other girl!

-So why you didn't talk to me these days?

-I told you i'm a little busy.

-Doing what?

-Mmm idk... MAYBE THE TOUR?!

-Why are you screaming?

-I can't scream if we're on chat, smarty babe.

-Really? i can hear you from my house...

-What the heck? I didn't scream.


-Now what?

-You just screamed!

-Oh yeah im hearing you from my house too hunnie- i was sarcastic.

See?! See what a stupid girl?! Hahaha i broked with her when i was on Australia. And the best thing is that she was cheating me, no, it didn't hurt. xDDD

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