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My Videos - Check 'em out please :)

Vicspud February 10, 2012 User blog:Vicspud

Hi there :)

I make alot of videos in my spare time and I was hoping I could get a few more viewers from here :) I'd love it if you could check then out and leave a comment please :) I can take requests if you want, but I only have WMM :/

Oh and they are all Seddie, apart from Beggin on Your Knees which is both ... kinda :)

Firework - Katy Perry:

Jump The Fall - Taylor Swift:

Someone Like You - Adele:

Beggin on Your Knees - Victoria Justice:

Beacuse of You - Kelly Clarkson:

Kiss With a Fist - Florence and the Machine:

One of the Boys - Katy Perry:

Haunted - Taylor Swift:

Thanks and I hope you enjoy ;)

follow me @vickylovesfood

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