Hey you guys! :) I have a project in which I have to write an essay about a discourse community and I chose the iCarly wiki (including Seddie wiki and Creddie wiki). Basically, I have to think of problems within the community and in order to understand the problems of everyone else...I would like to ask all of you some questions. Please read the following questions and answer them in your comments. Thank you so much you guys! This is for my college English class so the more detail you put in your answering the better I will understand your side of the story. Write as much as you can, if you don't have time, please still write your answer even if they are short.

P.S - Please number your answers with the number of the question.

1. What ship do part take in (Creddie or Seddie) and why?

2. Do you ever feel attacked when posting an innocent question or answer on the seddie or creddie page?

3. Have you ever personally gone to the other shipping page and posted a comment that insults that particular fan group?

4. Do you ever decide not to watch an episode of iCarly because you feel that it will oppose your preffered shipping? (ex. A seddier not watching the premier of iSaved your life or a Creddier not watching iKiss) If you did or do, do you do it because you want that other team to get lower ratings on that episode?

5. Do you enjoy having war shipping? In a friendly way or on going CRAZY way?

6. How do you think war shipping starts?

7. What are some of the problems you have (if any) on iCarly wiki, Seddie wiki, and Creddie wiki?

8. Finally, what do you like about your opposing team? (What does a Creddier like about Seddiers and Seddie? What does a Seddier like about Creddie and Creddiers? Also, what do you not like about them?

Thank you for your time! *virtual flowers for all of you!!*

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