• VividlyJ

    Since it's a little obvious that Jennette McCurdy played both Melanie and Sam, I've been thinking about which one I like better. Jennette/Sam is my favorite character on the show and I feel Melanie highlights a part of Sam usually reserved for picking on Freddie. I do support Seddie but I guess a relationship that won't require physical pain for Freddie would be nice too. What do you think?

    **Edit** Nice to see all you Seddie fans out there :)

    I also agree that some part of Melanie irritates me, and it would be very Mary-Sue for her to be with Freddie. I do not like Creddie for this reason, half because Carly just uses Freddie and treats him like garbage. I know Sam treats him like garbage, but there's a more teasing and light-hearted sense …

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