• Westlife4ever

    Westlife!! :D

    May 19, 2011 by Westlife4ever

    hi guys... i LOVE iCarly.. acutally i used to come to this wiki alot befor but with another account.. but the reason i'm here is to ask u: is there any westlife fans here????

    me?! i LOVE westlife they're my favourite band... so i found a wiki about them created by someone named "Gitaaa" but when i found it it was totally empty, and noone ever goes there.. so i tryed my best to make it better (i created some pages, edited some pages, added some photos............) but still.. noone goes there.. :(

    so PLEAAAAAASE if your a Westlife fan.. PLEAAAAAASE check it out... PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE.. i'm really bored there.... :(

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