NOTE: I know this is so stupid. But, obviously, I'm stupid enough to ask it. So yeah. :P Anyways.

For ages now I've been trying to sort out my signature. Y'know, the obvious *linking* to your profile, putting colour and awesome fonts in and basically just making it look like THE CHIZ. So yeah...can anyone help me do this? Cause honestly, I'm not lying when I said AGES.

And now; I thank you for taking your very precious time to read my pointless little blog. And please: if you are willing to give up your time to help a silly old Ant, I'll do anything in return. Even bake you a coconut cream pie. :D

Professor Ant  ♥  Freddork  18:11, September 14, 2011 (UTC)  

Yeah. You can just see how terrible my signature is. :P

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