I noticed that someone has recently created a Seddie Story Time blog so I thought, OK, why don't we create one for us Creddiers, as he said no random Creddie on it.


1: No random Seddie-ing. You all have your own Story Time so yeah, go on that (no offence.) (:

2: Keep to the subject. A little bit like number 1. No going off topic and talkin' 'bout stuff like Victorious I.E. I know you won't though. :3 Your all sensible Creddiers (:

3: Have fun! Be creative!

4: Don't blabber on about the same thing. I.E, First Person: Carly and Freddie kissed. Second Person: Carly and Freddie kissed. Ya get me?

5: And finally, feel free to create some new characters. Just don't go TO overboard and create so many that we ALL get confused and are like 'who the crud is I.E Katy?'

Sign Up

So if you want to sign up for Creddie Story Time, just write your name or just say 'I wanna do it!' in the comments and then I'll inform you either through this blog or your talk page so keep on checking! I will also inform you or just look when the real blog comes out for you to share our Creddie Creativity! (:


Thanks for reading this sign up blog! (:


Crecelebrate This user wants to have a Creddie party!

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