Hello fellow Creddiers! If you ship another ship, feel free to comment but please don't litter the page with 'SEDDIE ROCKS!'. I've been recently noticing how many Seddiers there is and how many Creddiers are left. A self proclaimed Creddier like myself, I've been wondering if we will end up unknown. SO WE MUST UNITE TO MAKE MORE CREDDIERS! It seems that Dan has recently been ignoring us Creddiers, following the Seddie arc, so we must make ourselves known! Anyone who has Twitter, message Dan. If he doesn't answer, message again! Anyone who has a YouTube account, do the same! We will make ourselves well known. Also, I recently noticed how many Seddie userboxes there are. Fellow Creddiers, we must make more! There are PLENTY of moments for us to use I.E, the kisses, the dance in iSpeed Date, some moments in iSAFW, ANY moments we can find!

~Yours sincerly (old fashioned, I know!), Ant 15. (:


Crecelebrate This user wants to have a Creddie party!

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