Note: I know what you're thinking. Why the chiz would I create a blog about a wizarding subject from Harry Potter? Well, frankly, I haven't. Just keep reading on to see what I mean :D

I've been watching this wiki over the past few weeks, just thinking about this blog. Now, currently, this wiki is going down the drain (and I mean this in the nicest way) no thanks to all these hackers, haters and Katydidits. Now, I'm no Lupin or Snape, but I do know how to stand up for myself. So this is why I've wrote this blog. A full guide on how to tackle this haters. And, if we all follow this carefully, we MAY just be able to SAVE THIS WIKI.


When you see a hacker;

Report it to an admin. They can have them horrible THINGS blocked immediatley! And, if they come back, they [the admins] can do the same, until unnessecessary.

When you see a hater;

Ignore them. Don't feed them with comments. They find that fun and amusing, and if we keep commenting on their blogs or comments, they're probably just gonna do it again, just for the fun of it. Also, again, Report them to an admin. Admins, as I said can block them immediatley. If this hater is on chat, pesterising you, there should ALWAYS be atleast 1 chat mod on to block this beast. And if there isn't, simply the Admins can probably just grant a few other users the right for the job. (I'm neither, so I have absolutley no idea how it works!)

When you are being stalked in the Private Message section on chat;

Hopefully we won't EVER have to deal with another KDI. But, if our chances are very unlucky, and we do, and you ARE being stalked on chat by very sick men OR women, take screenshots! Screenshots are a very good way to prove something, because it just means that it is something to back you or the Admins up, when they block the man or woman.

When you see Seddiers and Creddiers bickering;

I'm pretty sure you all have seen A Reasonable Seddier's blog about the Pause policy. This is a fantastic way to stop Ship Warring. Because, let's all face it, Ship warring is pathetic and babyish. It's not our ship that brings us together or further away, but our love for iCarly.


I know that we MAY not be able to return this Wiki to it's orriginal state, but if we keep feeding these haters, we'll probably end up with say, only 100 users left on this Wiki. But, if we do keep fighting and don't give up, we can defeat these HOBNOCKERS.

Ant 157349 ♥ Seddie and Cabbie Make Me Dance and Sing 17:06, August 24, 2011 (UTC)

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