'Note: 'I know what your thinking; who gives a damn if stupid old Ant 157349 is leaving? Well, I just thought I'd write this blog, JUST to tell you. :]

Lately, I've been getting rather sick of this Wiki. Sick of the ship warring, sick of the haters and crap like that. So this is why I've decided to take a bit of a break. A short break, a long break, it depends how I feel. It's not just this Wiki, it's mainly the fact that I start secondary school* in a few weeks and I'm probably hardly ever gonna have time to come on wiki. I'll probably still be on the Cibby Wiki sometimes, just adding pictures and whatnot but that'll probably be it. I'll be on this wiki until the 6th of September because that's when I start school. :]

So yeah. Make the most of my company until then..LOL :D

*Secondary school means middle school and high school put together. So basically, 7th Grade up 'til 12th grade. :P

I thank you for putting up for me for so long, Ant 157349 ♥ Seddie and Cabbie Make Me Dance and Sing 18:07, August 27, 2011 (UTC)

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