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This fanfic sees the start of a new character, Maisi Perry! I hereby declare I do not own iCarly, and, this idea is mine :) Don't's not nice! Rated T. This is ok..I suppose :P

Starring Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor, Noah Munck & Megan Nixon!

(Sam, Freddie and Carly stand in the hallway chatting)

Carly: So then I say to him, I think your hot and he says..

(Interupted by Tannoy System)

Principal Franklin: Hello Students! Today, we welcome a new student to our school..Maisi Perry! Be kind to her, she only just moved to Seattle and is only just settling in!

(Maisi, a brown curly haired tall girl with stiletos and a strapless top on, walks down the steps)

Freddie: My oh my, shes hot!

Sam: HAHA! Freddie got it bad..!

Carly: Sam, don't be rude. I think its nice Freddie likes her!

Maisi: (Walking over) Hello, I'm Maisi, whats your name?

Carly: I'm Carly Shay, most people call me 'Carls'

Sam: Hey, dude, I'm Sam.

Freddie: (Stuttering) I'm Freddie..You're HOT!

Maisi: O..K...

Carly: So..Maisi, where'd you live?

Maisi: I live in Bushwell Plaza..Appartment 8=H

Carly: Cool! I live in 8=C and Freddie lives in 8=D, don't you Freddie?

Sam: Yeah, don't you Fredward, A.K.A Internet Boy?

Freddie: (Still Stuttering) Y..e..a..h, I'm going for a walk.

Carly: I'll come to.

Freddie: Naah..I wanna just think. :)

Carly: OK. Maisi, Sam, you comin'?

Sam: Yeah! I can't wait for my lunch! I have 5 fatcakes! Momma likes her fatcakes :)

Maisi: Can I tag along?

Carly: Sure!

(Carly walks off)

Sam: So err..Maisi..just so were clear, no taking Carly from me.

Maisi: Don't worry, Sam. I like you! I wouldn't do that.

Sam: Cool. Can you beat someone up with a carton of milk?

Maisi: Well no, but I can get ALL my mates back home into headlocks.

Sam: I thought you would be all 'girly' but your not! I like you :)

Maisi: Come on, lets go for lunch!

( They walk off)

(Back at Bushwell Plaza)

Carly: And, Maisi, this is my bedroom!

Maisi: WOAH! I'm jealous!

Carly: I guess Spencer was right, it will make all the others girls cry! (yelling) SPENCER, COME HERE!

Spencer: Yeah..

Carly: Meet Maisi..Shes new in Seattle! She lives in 8=H

Spencer: Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Spencer!

Maisi: I'd heard.

Sam: Hmm..Wheres Fredward?

(Freddie walks in)

Carly, Sam & Maisi: Hey

Freddie: Hi..Umm Maisi..Can I talk to you alone?

Maisi: Sure, no chiz!

(They walk off)

Sam: Hmm..

Carly: I wonder whats it's about!

( In Freddie's bedroom)

Freddie: So err Maisi..

Maisi: Yes..?

Freddie: The moment I saw you it fealt like love at first sight.

Maisi: Awww! :)

Freddie: And I was wondering..

Maisi: Yeah..?

Freddie: Will you go out with me?

Maisi: OH MY GOD..YES! :D

Freddie: Yeah! (They hug)

(Freddie leans over and kisses Maisi on the lips for 20 seconds, then stops)

Maisi: No no, no no, continue..

(They continue kissing)

(The screen fades to black and it finishes)

Thanks for reading :)

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