• XHappilyNeverAfterx3

    Note: Just a blog. Please don't take it so personally people. :P

    "Who is Freddie's first love? Carly or Sam?" This is the one topic I am fairly certain that Creddiers and Seddiers will never be able to see eye to eye on. A topic of dispute in which people claim that it is only a matter of opinion and your own definition of love. I've seen people claim that it depends on the way you interpret the Seddie/Creddie relationships. But is that really true? Or is it fairly obvious that Sam is the one and only girl who has held Freddie's heart all along? Carly is not Freddie's first love. Sam is. I say that with complete confidence and nothing anyone says could ever change my mind. First love? No, more like first obsession. He has never loved Carly …

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