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October 9, 2010
  • XHpjforeverlastingx8

    Hey guys! First, I would like to thank many people for being helpful to me for the last few days, and helping me with the userbox templates and things like that. Now, I want to go right into IStart A Fanwar. When I saw the promo, I justed started to scream and jump up and down. I am a HUGE Seddie shipper, and I do NOT support Freddie or Sam being with anyone else. However, I do respect other ships such as Creddie, because if they believe in Carly and Freddie being together, then that's their opinion. As much as I LOVE Seddie, I do admit that there is also a huge chance of Creddie happening in IStart A Fanwar, or in the overall series for that matter. I believe that it could go either way, and at this point it's really up to Dan to choose t…

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  • XHpjforeverlastingx8

    Hey guys! My name is Maryan (prounounced MARY-ANNE) and I'm new to this wiki. However, I've watched iCarly since it debuted, and I never miss an episode. Now, I need help with something that will make me sound VERY stupid. I noticed on many people's profile/user page they had things such as "This user ships Seddie" or "This person is a Sam Puckett Enthusiast". How do I do that? I'm not sure about how to make that happen lool! I know I sound very stupid, but I'm new so I'm not familiar to those kind of things! I would really appreciated if you helped! Thanks! :D

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