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    The Truth

    January 4, 2012 by XSophieSakura

    This is a serious blog. I have been living a lie for the whole time i've been on this chat, its really hard to admit your a lieing little idiot, but i am.

    I made everything up, including my heart stuff it was all a lie.

    I did it thanks to...the friendship of xx and slappy. I told them the truth that I, am a lonely little girl who was stupid enough to invent her own world because she was lonely and just wanted to make some friends...

    I was afraid that people wouldnt accept me for who i am because of how i was bullied at school until i left.

    Now you know all of the story....I hope you can forgive me and I will accept if you hate me and you want to not be my friend any longer...

    Im also giving up my spot as admin because of this and i hope someone…

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    Reply to Admin Poll

    December 29, 2011 by XSophieSakura

    After a long and hard think about being a admin and taking into consideration all the comments left on the results of the poll and to you guys on chat. I decided what i will do, I am going to be using my new account, with no powers or anything like that until I come back from hospital.

    Consider it a holiday of sorts and that when I am out of Hospital and rested and stuff, I will make my final choice. I can use this time to figure out whats best not only for me but whats best for everyone.

    I want to thank, xx, Alica, Slappy, Emily, Daisy and everyone else who helped me come to my decision. I love you all and i just want to do what best for you...♥

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    December 22, 2011 by XSophieSakura

    Blog 4 : :(

    As some of you know my grandfather came from Japan, to see me before my operation and for christmas. That's awesome and all until, he got the idea that me having my heart problems was somehow my brothers fault and they started to argue and fight.

    I intervened and due to Japanese traditions, the youngest members cannot argue against an elder family member or disrespect them. As I defended my brother from those wild accusations, I was called a disrespect to the family and a disgrace to the family name.

    Now I'm probably gonna be forced to go to Japan with my Grandfather and study and learn respect there...

    Also he has old traditions so, thats no Laptop or that cuts of my connections to here.

    If this does happen it will be A…

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    December 21, 2011 by XSophieSakura

    Blog 3 : Dan Green

    If your an Otaku or anime fan, you will properly have heard of Dan Green; Famous for his dubbing voice actor talents such as Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh as well as many other anime and game roles which can be seen on Dan's Wikipedia Page.

    Green married Michal Friedman, a singer and fellow voice actress. She passed away on November 25, 2011 from complications during childbirth. The twins she carried were delivered successfully and fans have initiated charity efforts to provide for Green and his children.

    I am donating some thing to help Dan Green, as a fan from my younger days and as someone who knows about growing up with out a parent is really hard.

    No, I'm not saying you should donate unless you really care, but I would still like…

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    December 20, 2011 by XSophieSakura

    Welcome to my blog

    This will be where I write about anything that's happened to me in my life/on chat /the Wikia.

    I will also possibly doing a review of something; A game or an episode of something; possibly MLP or iCarly.

    Why don't you tell me in the comments what you would like me to review?

    Enjoy reading my random yadder about nothing

    Blog 1 : Creddie

    When I "rejoined" the Wikia, I told everyone I was a neutral shipper and at the time that was pretty true, considering all the Ship-Warring and Seddie episodes which were going on at the time I chose not to be a part of the Ship's.

    Until recently, when i was re watching, some of the more filled Creddie episodes and I found myself enjoying it more than watching maybe, iOMG or iLost My Mind.

    So …

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