Hey, Sophie here. This blog is really special to me as its the reasons why, I love all my friends.

If you are not included, please DO NOT take offence to it. Its not that, I missed you out or I don't like you or anything like that, because I love literally everyone on the iCarly Wikia.

These are just the ones, I wanted to point out and have been meaning to for a long time.

Okay so, I'll get started now:

Mak, you have always been one of my best friends since I returned to the Wikia. You always helped me and guided me when I needed your help and I do the same for you. When I returned to the Wikia and talked to you, I called us "the two sides of the same coin" but I think I was wrong. We are the same side of the same coin. I really care a lot about you and I hope we can stay friend always.

Alica, from the time we have had on the wikia, the ups and down, I still wouldn't change them and from them I watched you change and evolve as a person and a admin. You were always one of my best friends from the start even after all the troubles we went though.

Eric, you are the first person, I showed MLP too and now your a bigger Brony than me, I always enjoy your talk about MLP and talking with you about other stuff.
SCherry you are another one of my best friends and I feel like I can talk to you about anything. You might be a little sensitive sometimes but you really really really care for this Wikia, a massive amount.

XX, you are like my sweetest friend ever, your so nice and kind to everyone and i just want to hug you all the time. You my sweet unicorn friend <3

Magic, The friends who's always there for me and cares for me and everyone else a great deal, you always have time to help people.

What can I say about my PEGAH-SISTAH. Shes awesome in every-way and her she has the most amazing talents, being a great friend and her awesome artwork.

Although at the time of me writing this, your not here. BUT, that doesn't matter because you know i'm always here to help you and you know i'm always here to help you too. You were my first Wikia friend ever albeit a little crazy and still are :)

OtherwordlyPoptart (Clone) Your my Clone, so obviously you always going to be there for me and I'll be here for you.

Ill probably add more to this blog later, so for now. That's all ^_^

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