This is a serious blog. I have been living a lie for the whole time i've been on this chat, its really hard to admit your a lieing little idiot, but i am.

I made everything up, including my heart stuff it was all a lie.

I did it thanks to...the friendship of xx and slappy. I told them the truth that I, am a lonely little girl who was stupid enough to invent her own world because she was lonely and just wanted to make some friends...

I was afraid that people wouldnt accept me for who i am because of how i was bullied at school until i left.

Now you know all of the story....I hope you can forgive me and I will accept if you hate me and you want to not be my friend any longer...

Im also giving up my spot as admin because of this and i hope someone more desirving gets to take the role as admin instead of a idiot like me ...

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