I know some of you are hating on me for making Alica a admin and think i made a wrong choice.

Well i have reasons why I chose her in the first place; Alica has been helping me each time i was stressed and overcome with ilness but still forced to do my administrative responsibility. She gave me lots of admin-like advice and all i can say is that i considered her a semi-admin no matter what.

She wanted to help me, get rid of trolls after what happened with the "hater" incidents and i though this would be a great chance for me to do so.

She has so many positive points to her I cannot describe them all but i will describe some.

  • She is a very kind and quirky person who is very keen to help anyone.
  • She forgave me after I accused her pointblank of being her own hater yet she still forgave me. She doesn't hold grudges.
  • She shows leadership skills all the time through out the chat.
  • She has a positive outlook for everything and doesn't give up without a fight.
  • She has shown skills in editing and making blogs.
  • She trusts me and trusted all my decisions

Also to answer the question of who chose Alica. I nominated her to Mak and the rest of us voted, yes or no. We asked all but 2 of the admins and each one agreed with the choice.

I just want to say on a less professional note:- Thank you Alica, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done to help me and everyone in this Wikia. You made this Wikia,a great place to be ^^

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