I just wrote this blog to vent, how I truely feel about this Wikia, so I don't need to keep holding it in.

Since I returned, there has been a massive amount of ship warring between Seddie and Creddie. Obviously this has been the topic of many a blog on the Wikia, even some of my own.

Also when I returned, I liked Creddie now but after I saw how Ship Warring is on this Wikia. It put me off the Shipping thing all together and I became neutral.

I think how you guys fight isn't good and over something you cant even control;

Yes, Enjoy shipping. But please don't fight over it and cause arguments and fights and warring between the family we have come to create.

This brings me on to my second topic, the idea of a Wikia of peace and happiness, because unlike many other Wikia's we are a family.

We changed the rules of creating new admins to make it more democratic to make everyone happy and feel like they have a say.

I just wanted to write this blog to explain to you, that were a family. Through arguments and fight we always are and always will be. We are forever friends and family and have something that other Wikias don't have.

A family environment and we try to make every happy and content in that family <3

Lots of love to all ~ Sophie

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