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    October 5, 2011 by XXSummer NightXx

    ( Carly and Freddie by their lockers at school )

    Freddie: *laughs* i cant' believe you thought corn was a vegetable. It's obviously a grain.

    Carly: *gives Freddie a weird look* I can't believe you actually cared enough to look it up.

    Freddie: Yeah well... *looks around* say wheres Sam at?

    Carly: Oh she's over there flirting with our new French exchange student *pauses dramatically* Xavier

    Freddie: oh... :/

    (Sam smiles while Xavier kisses her hand)

    Freddie: What the Fudge? *walks over and pulls sam arm away* un moment s'il vous plaît Xavier

    Xavier: *walks away*

    Freddie: Sam, we just broke up a week ago, and you already have some French guys suckin' on your hand?!

    Sam: *shrugs* what do you care, your dating Allison Flinn

    Freddie: I'm not dating her we …

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  • XXSummer NightXx

    OK so lets get started. After watching icant take it (which may I add was AMAZING) I've grown pretty confident that seddie is going to turn out endgame. Why? Because Sam basically just admited she LOVED Freddie. If they broke up in the next episode (which by the way is called ILOVE YOU) it would be totally random and uncalled for. I'm not trying to be cocky because I know Dan's a genious. If he wanted to have seddie break up then I'm pretty sure he could find a logical way to do it. But as of right now I can't picture how the relationship can end at this point. Besides seddie can be just like bade from victorious. They're not always smooshy, they don't makeout all the time, they don't neglect their friends just to be with eachother all the…

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  • XXSummer NightXx

    So yeaaah............... I'm glad we had this talk. Byee

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