Kay well this is my first fanfict... thingy so if it's kinda bad don't judge me LOL

( Carly and Freddie by their lockers at school )

Freddie: *laughs* i cant' believe you thought corn was a vegetable. It's obviously a grain.

Carly: *gives Freddie a weird look* I can't believe you actually cared enough to look it up.

Freddie: Yeah well... *looks around* say wheres Sam at?

Carly: Oh she's over there flirting with our new French exchange student *pauses dramatically* Xavier

Freddie: oh... :/

(Sam smiles while Xavier kisses her hand)

Freddie: What the Fudge? *walks over and pulls sam arm away* un moment s'il vous plaît Xavier

Xavier: *walks away*

Freddie: Sam, we just broke up a week ago, and you already have some French guys suckin' on your hand?!

Sam: *shrugs* what do you care, your dating Allison Flinn

Freddie: I'm not dating her we were just talking and... wait how'd you know about Allison?

Sam: *Pulls out gigantic binoculers from her backpack* mama has her ways.

Freddie: You were spying on me?

Sam: I wasn't spying. I Just happened to be on the roof of the plaza with my binoculers when i coincidently spotted you havin a little chit chat with your new girlfriend.

Freddie: She's NOT my girlfriend. And why were you on the roof with your binoculers?

Sam: The pizza guy was late so i was gonna drop a brick on his head when i saw him.

Freddie: O_O

Sam:... Anyway It's none of your buisness who i talk to.... we broke up remember?

Freddie: Yeah i remember it's just...

Sam: just?

Freddie: It's just that... that Xavier dude. I saw him steal a stapler off of Mrs.Briggs desk. I'm tellin you Sam, the guys bad news.

Sam: -_- (sarcastically) is that even legal?

Freddie: I don't know... but you'd better steer clear of him... you know, just in case

Sam: *pats Freddie on the arm* see ya Benson *walks away*

Freddie: yeah... *sadly* see ya

Yeah and thats part one. I'll think of more stuff to add later. I would love to here your ideas though. :)

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