ok so before I begin I just wanna apologize if this is considered shipwarring. This is my first blog and I'm not sure what is considered offencive and what's not. Oh and to any creddie shippers who happen to come across this, I'm pretty positive your not going to like this. I'm sorry I think creddie's really cute but I just wanted to share my ideas with my fellow seddiers.

OK so lets get started. After watching icant take it (which may I add was AMAZING) I've grown pretty confident that seddie is going to turn out endgame. Why? Because Sam basically just admited she LOVED Freddie. If they broke up in the next episode (which by the way is called ILOVE YOU) it would be totally random and uncalled for. I'm not trying to be cocky because I know Dan's a genious. If he wanted to have seddie break up then I'm pretty sure he could find a logical way to do it. But as of right now I can't picture how the relationship can end at this point. Besides seddie can be just like bade from victorious. They're not always smooshy, they don't makeout all the time, they don't neglect their friends just to be with eachother all the time (well Beck doesn't), and they treat eachother like bestfriends. But we still know that they're a couple. Oh and I hope this doesn't make anyone really mad but if seddie does somehow breakup, I don't see anyway creddie could happen anymore. I mean it would be awkward for everyone and it would make Freddie seem like a playa lol. But hey you never know what'll happen :).


'Oh and before I end, i wanna share my parody of a seddie 'breakup.

(sam and freddie in the elevator after getting home from jail)

Sam:*awkward silence*

Freddie:*looks at Sam* i love you

Sam:*smiles* i love you too baby :D

Freddie:*smiles back* but im breaking up with you.

Sam:WHAT WHY?!?!

Freddie:*still smiling weirdly* cause your uncle creeps me out.

Sam:oh ok thats totally understandable and a great reason to suddenly break up with someone :)

Freddie:Im glad you agree :D Lets pretend this never happened and go back to our original lives like i did with Carly after i saved your life

Sam:sure thing Fredwierd *punches Freddie in the face*

well? you like? you no like? you agree? disagree? comment please !!

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