By far the most amazing dream I've ever had.

Well, I had this dream because Nickelodeon is having their "World Wide Day of Play" on September 24 and I'm going to Washington D.C. on September the 9th. Which didn't make me the happiest person in the world because Jennette Mccurdy and Nathan Kress are going to be in Washington D.C. on the 24th according to Nickeldeon, so I'm not going to be able to see them. But anyway, in the dream I had somehow been able to come see the first premiere of iDate Sam and Freddie and Jennette Mccurdy, Nathan Kress, and Miranda Cosgrove were going to be there, so of course you could imagine how excited I was in my dream. So then a girl come over to me and said, "Would you like to meet Jennette Mccurdy?" and of course I was like, "Heck yes!" So, she then walked me over to her and I was freaking out. Well, I then made it over to her and I was like, "You're Jennette Mccurdy!" and she laughed and said, "I am!" I then started to tear up a little bit and gave her the biggest hug. Now, I know it was just a dream but she smelt really good. I stood back and smiled and said, "May I please have your autograph?" and she said, "Sure!" she then took my hand, once again it may have been just a dream but her hands were incredibly soft, and she took me to a room where she grabbed a bottle, yeah I don't exactly know why she signed a bottle, and signed it and gave it to me! I freaked out once again and hugged her. She laughed and I thanked her. I then walked back into a theatere where I was about to watch iDate Sam and Freddie but,sadly, my brother woke me up. :( It was still the best dream ever, even if it was just a dream I woke up incredibly happy, except for the fact I woke up before I could see iDate Sam and Freddie. I hope that maybe one day I'll actually get to meet her and I'll get to talk to her even if it's shorter than the conversations I had with her in my dream. I actually might cry if I do get to meet her. But, other than that, Best. Dream. Ever.

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