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iOMG Part 2- My Version

This is my version of what I think is going to happen in iLost My Mind. I hope you enjoy it. :)


        • Continues from where left off****

Sam: *stops kissing Freddie, pulls back* Sorry.

Freddie: *surprised* It's cool...

  • Camera pans over to Carly looking very shocked*

Freddie: So, um, yeah...

  • Sam looks awkwardly at him*

Freddie: So... it wasn't Brad? It was me?

Sam: Yeah...

Freddie: Oh... wow...

  • sees Carly in the window... Carly quickly hides, still listening*

Sam: ... I've... got to go Freddie...

Freddie: Wait, No Sam!

  • Sam runs back inside and walks right past Carly, Freddie walks in and sees Carly sitting under the window*

Carly: *stands up* Hey.

Freddie: Hey, how much did you see?

Carly: I saw everything.

Freddie: Oh.

Carly: Yeah.

  • pauses for a few minutes*

Carly: Why did you let her go?

Freddie: What?

Carly: You know what I'm talking about Freddie. Why did you let Sam walk away?

Freddie: Because... I wanted to talk to you about something first.

Carly: *pauses for a second* About what?

Freddie: About... us.

Carly: Freddie... we did have something once, but I realized you were right. I did only love you because you saved my life, and now I want to be friends. Just friends. That's all we're meant to be, and that's all we ever will be.

Freddie: Oh... so you never loved me?

Carly: ...I did, but for the wrong reasons.

Freddie: Oh. Okay then....

  • long pause*

Freddie: I'm going to go find Sam... I need to talk to her.

Carly: Okay, good luck Freddie.

Freddie: Thanks.

  • Freddie hugs Carly and shows Carly's face who looks upset*


-Scene Change-

  • Sam is on top of the school's flat roof, crying*

Sam(thinking to herself): How could I be so stupid? He'd never love me, I always mess with him, but the truth is I can't express my feelings to him. Why did I ever listen to Carly?

  • Freddie walks in, Sam knows who it is, she doesn't even turn around*

Sam: *wipes tears, clears throat* What do you want Freddie?

Freddie: I need to talk to you Sam.

Sam: I have nothing to tell you. Just go away.

Freddie: No Sam. *walks over to Sam and sits down on the edge of the building*

Sam: *covers her head with her arms*

Freddie: Why didn't you just tell me?

Sam: *looks up a little angry* Because, I know you still love Carly.

Freddie: Sam... I don't love Carly, we're just friends. That's it.

Sam: Don't play games with me, Benson. You've always loved her since the first time you met her, and you think I'm just an... enemy.

Freddie: I only thought that because I didn't know your true feelings about me.

Sam: Well now you know, can you just leave me alone now?

Freddie(angry): No Sam. I'm not leaving.

Sam: Fine. Then I am.

  • Sam gets up and starts to leave when Freddie pulls her back and kisses her passionately*

Sam: *shocked*

Freddie: Now do you believe me? I don't love Carly.

Sam: ...I believe you.

  • Freddie smiles and hugs Sam who can't help but smile back*


  • Carly is sitting downstairs in the school cafeteria*

Carly(talking to herself): I'm not in love with Freddie... no I'm just being stupid and jealous... but what if I am? Could I be? No... I never really loved him... I just loved him because he saved my life... we are meant to be friends. That's it. I don't love him... or maybe I do... but Sam loves Freddie. I can't hurt her like that. She's my best friend... but Freddie needs to know all his options right? So he'll know for sure if he loves me or Sam? *lays her head on the table and covers her head with her arms* What am I going to do?

  • Sam walks in, Carly immediately sits up*

Carly: Oh, hey Sam.

Sam: Hey Carls, thanks for the advice you gave me. You were right.

Carly: Oh... um, yeah no problem...

Sam: You okay?

Carly: Me? Oh, yeah I'm... I'm great! *fake smiles*

Sam: You sure?

Carly: Yeah! So... um, where's Freddie?

Sam: Oh, he's getting a drink from the drink machine.

Carly: Oh...

Sam: Carly... are you sure nothing's wrong?

Carly: Yes Sam, I'm positive.

Sam: Well... okay, if you're sure.

Carly: Yeah, I'm fine Sam, really.

Sam: Okay, Good. I don't want you to be upset.

Carly: *fake smiles*

Sam: *smiles back, hugs*

Carly: *looks upset while hugging Sam*

        • To Be Continued ****

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