• XhetsX

    Hi guys. Im getting bullied from watching iCarly. Heres the story:

    Well, I have a Youtube account, right? Well, I found some of my "friends" on Youtube and told them who I was. They checked out my channel and have seen all of my iCarly stuff (my background pic and my vids) and they didn't know that I loved iCarly and Seddie e.t.c. (My background pics and my vids are mainly Seddie) so, the next day, they came up to me and laughed, saying stuff like " I think they should change iCarly to iHetty " (Hetty is my name) and then they went " Why do you have Sam and Freddie on?? You iCarly Psycho! " Some things they said are really I won't put them on here. Anyways, they have told everyone to go on youtube and see my channel and now everyon…

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