Hi guys. Im getting bullied from watching iCarly. Heres the story:

Well, I have a Youtube account, right? Well, I found some of my "friends" on Youtube and told them who I was. They checked out my channel and have seen all of my iCarly stuff (my background pic and my vids) and they didn't know that I loved iCarly and Seddie e.t.c. (My background pics and my vids are mainly Seddie) so, the next day, they came up to me and laughed, saying stuff like " I think they should change iCarly to iHetty " (Hetty is my name) and then they went " Why do you have Sam and Freddie on?? You iCarly Psycho! " Some things they said are really I won't put them on here. Anyways, they have told everyone to go on youtube and see my channel and now everyone is coming up to me and laughing!! Why is it so funny to like iCarly!??! and Seddie?!?! I bet they like a show or a couple that they ship and i bet they won't like it if I came up to them and laughed in there faces, making fun of me like that. I'm feeling really down now, I keep begging my mum not to let me go to school, because I dread it so much. Ive told the teachers and learning mentors but they have just told them to stop, but they STILL carry on. It's been going on for weeks. I need some support....

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