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    Unfriendly Terms

    December 6, 2010 by Xx-LiZzYcOdY-xX

    I,ve noticed a pattern tell me if im wrong

    1.Jennette Unfollowes Nathan On twitter

    2. She didnt wish him happy bday on twitter surely she would do that to ease the tension about her unfollowing him.

    3. Then she hasn't replied to him on twitter today when he said "Laaame! Feel better homeskillet" But when Daniella Monet said "hope you feel better!" Jennette Replied "Thank you".

    So is there something up or is it just me im not saying it's Just Jennette but do you think there's something going On?

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    I would like to know who YOU like Better the Actor/Actress or the Character?

    Nathan Kress OR Freddie Benson

    Jennette McCurdy OR Sam Puckett

    Miranda Cosgrove OR Carly Shay

    Jerry Trainor OR Spencer Shay

    Noah Munck OR Gibby Gibson Read more >
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    An iCarly Crush

    December 4, 2010 by Xx-LiZzYcOdY-xX

    Ok be honesty know have you ever had an iCarly Crush on any Character a Recurring Character or a guest star or a main one.

    I'll start off i had a little crush on Jerry Trainor (Spencer) and a Big Crush on Nathan Kress. (Freddie).

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    Do you reckon that Victorious is the New iCarly as im Really finding the Victorious episodes funny and i hardly laugh at any in iCarly Season 4.

    Dont get me wrong I love iCarly, but do you think that it's going a bit down-hill?

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