I thought this was hilarious so I HAD to post it.

Okay, so today I was watching iKiss on T.V. and suddenly it just freezes. Like, I'm not even kidding the power was still on and stuff, but the t.v. just froze, and the phone and internet weren't working either. I don't know why it did that, maybe because it's snowing a lot, but who knows? Anyways, the funny part is, is that it froze RIGHT at the part where they were kissing. So I was literally starring at that image for like 15 minutes! HAHA. It was pretty legit(: And so once it unfroze and everything started working I called one of my friends who watches iCarly too. She is a Creddie shipper but were still like best friends. And the funnier part was that she was watching a recording of iSaved Your Life, and her T.V. froze RIGHT at the first kissing scene! I thought it was hilarious. I was seriously, no joke, on the floor laughing(:

I love superstitions! LOL xD

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