So I watched iStart A Fanwar right? And I mean if you saw it, it was okay I guess? Once again, the promo's were way out of proportion, and gave us the wrong idea. As you know, no ship won like most of us were speculating. Now, I am not mad the Seddie didn't win. Not at all. I knew it wasn't going to happen in this episode. I just thought this episode was sort of a let down. While I was watching it, I started to realize a LOT of the show was taken up by the 'Aruthor( not sure how to spell that) and Aspartamay sub-plot. I thought those scenes were way longer than the actual Fanwar. We really didn't get anything out of the fanwar. Okay, I admit, I was hoping there would be some Seddie moments in there. No, I saw nothing. Which brings me right back to saying that the promo's were nothing of what the episode actually was. And back to the Jack Black and Spencer thing, don't get me wrong, I thought it was pretty funny. But I think THAT was the majority of the episode. And then they took away MORE of the fanwar by going to scenes of Gibby, Guppy, and their grandpa. And again, I thought that was funny too, but it just took away from the whole 'plot' of the episode. So, all in all, this episode kind of let me down. I don't want to be such a downer, so I have to give credit to the writers for the parts that were good. So comment below and tell me what you thought or what you think of my review.

P.S. When I look at the blogs it only shows them from November 14th. So idk if that can be fixed, but just wondering.

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